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The Shopping Center Today

The Cambrian Park Plaza Shopping Center is located at the intersection of Camden Avenue and Union Avenue on approximately 18 acres in San Jose. The property was originally developed in the 1950s and currently includes approximately 171,000 square feet of retail. Major tenants include Dollar Tree, BevMo!, and Round Table Pizza. The center serves over 180,000 people within 3 miles in the San Jose, Los Gatos, and Campbell areas.

Since originally developed, the center became unattractive to potential new tenants due to its lack of modern function and appearance.

Because of its relatively low density, aging infrastructure, and short-term lease arrangements, the property presented a rare opportunity for the local community, City, and property owner to pursue redevelopment of the center into a vibrant mixed-use village.

Cambrian Park Plaza Current Site Plan
Participant Scatter Map Aug 2020

Planning for the Future

From the start of this redevelopment journey over six years ago, our goal has been to create a unique mixed-use village for the Cambrian community that recognizes the history of the center, supports the future needs of residents and businesses in the area, and meets the requirements of the City’s General Plan.

Throughout the process, hundreds of neighbors expressed support for our mixed-use village plans presented to the community and City.

We continued to listen closely to feedback from neighbors throughout the planning process, carefully considered conceptual plans presented, and followed updates to City design goals.

Full applications were resubmitted to the City in August 2020 to annex the property into San Jose and redevelop the center as a “Signature Project” within the Cambrian/Hillsdale Urban Village area as a truly mixed-use village which will become the heart of the community. With unprecedented community feedback and support with ongoing direction from the City, Kimco Realty finalized its plan for the future of the shopping center. Public hearings concluded in August 2022 (Annexation, Planned Development Pre-Zoning and Environmental Impact Report) finalized by the Planned Development Permit issuance in November 2022.



2015 to 2016

  • Weingarten Realty purchases site in summer, 2015 and holds the first community meeting to consider possibility of redevelopment.
  • City General Plan five-year review finalized reaffirming urban village planning goals and requirements.

2017 to 2018

  • A large public survey conducted with 1,300 participants and 800 comments reflecting strong support for mixed-use village concept.
  • Weingarten files the first formal Signature Project Mixed-Use Village rezoning application which initiates the CEQA environmental review process.

2019 to 2020

  • An innovative new Signature Project for Cambrian is created, and Weingarten files comprehensively updated applications for its mixed-use village based on community feedback.

2021 to 2022

  • Environmental analysis is completed by the City to assess potential impacts on the community and any necessary mitigations.
  • Weingarten becomes Kimco Realty.
  • Public hearings to consider approval of Cambrian Village begin in 2022, ending in August with the San Jose City Council voting unanimously to approve Cambrian Village. 

Next Steps

We remain committed to the plan, and continue to work with city staff on construction planning and next steps toward our bright shared future at Cambrian Village. To sign up for project updates, click here